Individual Yoga Sessions $80/hour    

Individual Reiki Sessions $80/hour

or for a time not listed please write: to schedule!


"Reiki is love. Love is Wholeness. Wholeness is balance. Balance is well-being. Well-being is freedom from disease. Remember these words. They represent what is Reiki." -Dr. Mikao Usui

ONGOING USUI REIKI LEVEL 1, 2 AND 3 ATTUNEMENT CERTIFICATION WORKSHOPS are held at Akasha Studio in Santa Fe and Boston locations.


Usui Reiki Level I, Santa Fe, NM Saturday, April 13 1:30-7pm



NEXT RETREAT is a DREAM YOGA IMMERSION, June 10-19, 2018 in Lesbos, Greece.  A $500 non-refundable deposit is require to reserve your space!  This special experience is limited to 12 people, so please sign up early!!





This retreat has been ten years gestating in dream state and we couldn't be more thrilled to invite you to join us, now, in body, mind, heart and soul to journey from your practice into transcendent realms!  We will be employing techniques from Dream Yoga and Shamanism to delve deeper into our subconscious and our practice and the depths of our soul and purpose, as well as reaffirming our sense of wholeness and healing.

Please write for more details or with specific questions, requests, comments, conditions and needs.

Santa Fe mini-retreats:




Meditation Mini-Retreat

Reiki-Restorative Trainings coming soon!

Founded in intentionality and integrity.


We offer a variety of trainings, workshops, healing and self-discovery courses where you can realize and grow your potentiality and wholeness.


For a full description of 200-Hour 6-month Akasha Yoga Teacher Training click here

For a full description of our 200-hour, module-based teacher training programs with a specialized focus in Shamanic and Dream Yoga Practices click here.

The next INFO SESSION is scheduled for Saturday, December 1 and Friday December 7 & 14, 2018 in Santa Fe at Akasha Yoga School.

For the full AYTT current and future schedule (including dates, times and teachers) and all program requirements, please view this DOCUMENT.

For full details on enrollment information, course cost, application and scholarship position please view the ENROLL link,  clicking here.


Akasha Student Testimonials

Portraits by Maureen Cotton

Jess Atcheson
Writer, Activist

Gail Burton
Professor, Actor, Artist, Activist

Tracy Rich
Spiritual Mentor, Parent Coach


Akasha Teacher Trainee Testimonials

"The Akasha Yoga School 200 Hour Teacher training was well-rounded, complete, and grounded in the roots, spirituality, and universality of yoga. I found a school that gave me the tools I needed to find my own authentic teaching style and voice. Not only did I find each class relevant, cutting-edge, and enriching, but in many I found healing and transformation. This program will set a foundation for you to become the most authentic, self-reliant, and self-trusting yoga teacher you can be."

- Sara V., RYT-200, 2015

To access school reviews on the Yoga Alliance page for Akasha Yoga School CLICK HERE.


I was looking for a training that incorporated the spiritual and historical elements in addition to asana. I found that with Akasha Yoga School. It was a life changing experience. I am not only am able to teach yoga confidently, but also incorporate that depth and spirit that is so much of the practice and what is needed in the world today!

- Kat B., 2016

"The Akasha Yoga School and Anthe as its a lead teacher create the holding space for a rich journey of discovery of one's authentic path as a yoga teacher and a being in the world.
Through an exploration of diverse but interconnected content areas and methodologies, I was encouraged to deepen and broaden my understanding of what yoga is for me and can be for the people with whom I share it.
With honor both for the traditions of yoga and the ingenuity that each teacher can bring to the practice, Akasha Yoga School encourages its participants to find our unique voices and add them in ways just right for us to the larger song and movement of yoga in this time.
You would be hard pressed to find another training with such compassionate dedication to the cultivation of its students' authentic journeys." 

- Mikaela M., 2015

The Akasha Network

Additional Support

With the immensity of the mystery, and the volumes of information you received during your training from such a broad background, you may find yourself wanting extra support to study, focus, and process.  For this reason we have designed our teacher training schedule to accommodate further study with select teachers, if desired, so that you may delve more deeply into the subject matter that particularly piques your interest.  These supporting workshops and study opportunities will be announced as the teacher training ensues and as you get to meet and connect with the various visiting teachers.  They are not required, and the cost is not covered by the AYTT tuition. 



Anthe offers on-going mentorship opportunities which you can schedule by reaching out to her at  Areas include building your own teaching practice, support on your spiritual path; growing your healing work; conscious/collaborative parenting, growing into your power and expression, and more.

You are welcome to continue working with Anthe as a mentor after the completion of your 200-hour training program,  for an additional 6-month period starting at your discretion.  There is a required six-month commitment on your part and the cost is $150/month.  In exchange you will receive direct training, support, scaffolding, discussion, potential internship within specialized class or setting, and more!

The akasha family

We wish to continue to grow our relationship with you and to support your blossoming once you've completed your training.  Please let us know if you would like to learn more about opportunities for substitute teaching, admin internships, networking events and more!

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