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Teacher Training Programs:

Are you already excited to apply for the training, straightaway?  FILL OUT THE APPLICATION HERE and your seat will be reserved once your $500 non-refundable deposit is received.  (Please note, if for any reason your application is not accepted by us at this time your $500 deposit will be returned to you in full.  This is the only case in which your deposit will be refunded.)  If you are ready to reserve your seat, please make a check payable to AKASHA YOGA SCHOOL.  Or, make deposit using Paypal button below.

There are two formats for the 200-hour Akasha Yoga Teacher Training at present:  a module format, and a 6-month format.  If you would like assistance planning your enrollment and financing for the modular training, please contact Anthe by clicking "Contact Us" below.  The modules can be scheduled over the course of a year or a few, according to what works best for you.  The six-month teacher training schedule is a commitment to the duration of the training (and its pre-ordained schedule) from beginning to end. 

If you are ready to make an up-front payment in full the cost is $3,100.  Please mail the check with the total amount to Akasha Studio 333 W. Cordova Rd. Santa Fe, NM 87505, or USE PAYPAL BUTTON BELOW TO MAKE FULL PAYMENT NOW (Save $200).

Payment Options

(Please note, checks are the preferred method of payment. Check may be made out to Akasha Yoga School.)

Seats are limited, please register at least one month in advance.  There is one scholarship position available per training where enrollment requirements are met.  Need must be demonstrated to receive this award.  If you are interested in the scholarship seat, please fill out the ADDITIONAL SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION here which will require a copy of your most recent federal tax return.  People of all ages, races, backgrounds, body sizes, gender identities, and fluid identities are encouraged to apply.

For the full schedule (including dates, times and teachers) and all program requirements, please view this DOCUMENT.

Akasha yoga school

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