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JOIN IN ON OUR CEREMONY HONORING THE 4 UNIVERSAL ELEMENTAL MOTHERS.  Through the ZOOM link below you can participate in your own space as we convene at the river to offer ceremony.  Event starts at 6:45pm (Mountain Time) on Saturday, August 27th.  There are over 30 ceremonies dedicated to the same purpose around the globe, including in Tibet at the Nechong Monastery where Kuten La, the Tibetan Oracle will be offering prayers.  For more details and information CLICK HERE.


This event is FREE to attend on person and online through the link below (and above)!!

4 Elemental Mothers Ceremony

Member Features

Welcome, dear one!  These member pages will continue to grow in both volume of recorded material, and also in options for live, interactive classes, meditations, workshops, courses, sessions and even trainings!  I am thrilled to be able to stay connected with you "outside of time and space" but still in this beautiful embodiment through these technologies available to keep us engaging together across distances.  I will be posting and sharing articles from myself and other teachers and people of interest.  I will be updating this membership section regularly and will be adding a component for posting, sharing and interacting, here, as well, to open a space for the many voices in our global community. 

Thank you so much for being part of it!

Much love and many blessings,




20 Minute Meditation

10-minute Seated Meditation + 10 minutes of chanting Ganesh Maha Mantra and wrap-up.  Santa Fe River softly flows in the background of this recording with Anthe guiding.  Option for 10-minute or full 20-minute practice.


Tonglen meditation guidance

As I grow in experience the quality of the recordings will improve.  There is a bit of wind disturbance on this one, but I will post a new, improved version soon!

Recorded practice

Watch a (rough) clip from a 60-Minute Mixed-Level Outdoor Practice.  There will be more full classes posted in a final product soon, as well as opportunities to take LIVE, interactive classes (through Zoom).  Please visit soon for more details!