Meet, heal, explore, grow through one-on-one Reiki, healing, ceremony, mentoring or yoga (or some combination!).  Anthe offers a broad array of individual services, sessions and ceremonies:


Regularly scheduled individual session hours are flexible; please email Anthe.

•Individual Yoga                                                    • Usui Reiki Treatment

•Small-Group Yoga Classes                                   • Karuna Reiki Treatment

• Individual Meditation Practice                             • Shamanic Reiki or Reiki Session with Shamanic Journeying

• Mentoring                                                          • Sound Healing Reiki Session

                                                                            • Reiki in Restorative Yoga Postures


• Spiritual Direction                                               • Wedding Ceremonies/Officiating

• House Clearings                                                 • Vow Renewal or Uncoupling Ceremonies

• Death/Transition Assistance & Ceremony           • Birth Ceremony

                                                                            • Coming-of-Age Ceremony

                                                                            • Milestones, Seasonal, Healing & Other Ceremonies


You may also CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT AN INTAKE FORM from Anthe's Ministry website to introduce yourself and what you're seeking.

Sessions, Ceremonies, Services


Please email to schedule your session.